November 17, 2018

Week 8 in the Master Key System is a favorite of mine for a couple of reasons. First it is the concept that is nicknamed “battleshipping” we are tasked with idealizing a full grown military battleship in all of it’s glory and then envision it in reverse motion or rewind of it being built. In out daily sit we are to see the battleship as it is now today as a working and fully staffed battleship with all of it’s armaments, kitchens, engine rooms, sick bay, control room and all the rest of it and then like rewinding a video tape see it’ development backwards until we see the first person who conceived the idea for the battleship we see in our minds.

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The exercise is to get us to think in long range terms and that everything great thing or action we see started with an idea in someone’s mind and then the forces needed for it to materialize were gathered to make it real. During my sit I see the someone dressed in a naval uniform sketching out ideas on paper, then discussing the need for a new ship with a politician of some sort that and that ship won’t be put in to service for  ten or more years. They banter back and forth about why it is needed, the cost, how to get support from others and what should be the focus or main purpose for the new ship. This goes on in my head as they move through the different stages of the build. Who can gather the raw materials – iron ore for steel, petroleum for rubber and paint, motors, glass and more.

The process continues in my mind as I see the iron ore being melted and formed into miles and miles of flat steel to become the hull, walls, ceiling and floors. Other steel is cast for the large cannons, engines, etc. I see a flurry of assembly of the superstructure and then the kitchens and sleeping quarters are built and furnished. Then there are huge rolls of electrical cable being strung all through the ship for communications, lighting and power. Miles of piping for water and other fluids are being installed. Image result for battleship wiring







Next I see the painting crew slathering on the battleship gray paint and stenciling on the name of the ship. The progress continues in my mind until I see the ship leaving dry dock and being released in to the sea and the crew gets on board and then family members join the to go on a tiger cruise. I see it sailing out of the harbor.

This exercise is to teach and reinforce that everything begins with an idea and if the idea is kept in focus the forces and resources will be made available to bring it into fruition.

I use this battleshipping exercise to focus on where I want my life to go but I start from where I am and then focus on where I want to be spiritually, financially, and physically meaning physically fit and my physical location on this earth. If I want my future to be what I will it to be I must be exact, explicit and as precise as I can be when seeing it in my mind just as the battleship was thought out, designed and blueprinted so the builders had what they needed to build this magnificent battleship. My thoughts are my blueprint because what I think about will manifest into reality.

One of the most important parts of this battleshipping exercise is to have a clear mind without any noise or judgement about the outcome. I’m just planting a seed and then subby will take over and bring my thoughts into reality. This week were are continuing the practice of giving no opinions, not having any negative thoughts that linger for any length of time and this week we added the no TV, Radio or surfing the internet including Facebook, etc. We can of course use the internet if it is for our work or other simple uses but no mindless wandering.

When giving no opinions, no negative thoughts you realize how much noise there in in our world. Turning off the technology with all it’s opinions, advertising and seeing the warped reality of what is on tv really gives your thoughts prominence and give the mind a break. It is much more peaceful and I feel like I have more energy.

See you next week!

I looked for a picture and found this one. It’s name has a nice ring to it.

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My name is Michael Puffer and I always keep my promises.


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