October 26, 2018

This week it hit me the certainty of what we are learning is clear and powerful. Many phrases in chapter five of Charles Haanel’s the Master System reinforce that mentality.

Chapter 5.2

“The subconscious can and will solve any problem for us if we know how to direct it. The
subconscious processes are always at work; the only question is, are we to be simply passive
recipients of this activity, or are we to consciously direct the work? Shall we have a vision of the
destination to be reached, the dangers to be avoided, or shall we simply drift?

Chapter 5.14 and 15

“14. There is a fine estate awaiting a claimant. Its broad acres, with abundant crops, running water
and fine timber, stretch away as far as the eye can see. There is a mansion, spacious and
cheerful, with rare pictures, a well-stocked library, rich hangings, and every comfort and luxury.
All the heir has to do is to assert his heirship, take possession, and use the property. He must use
it; he must not let it decay; for use is the condition on which he holds it. To neglect it is to lose
15. In the domain of mind and spirit, in the domain of practical power, such an estate is yours.
You are the heir! You can assert your heirship and possess, and use this rich inheritance. Power
over circumstances is one of its fruits, health, harmony and prosperity are assets upon its balance
sheet. It offers you poise and peace. It costs you only the labor of studying and harvesting its
great resources. It demands no sacrifice, except the loss of your limitations, your servitudes, your
weakness. It clothes you with self-honor, and puts a scepter in your hands.”


and especially this one

Chapter 5.16

“16. To gain this estate, three processes are necessary: You must earnestly desire it. You must
assert your claim. You must take possession.”

What it means to me is that there is an abundance of everything in health , wealth and happiness in my life – I just have to believe it with every fiber of of my being and impress that desire constantly on my subconscious mind and clear out anything that does not further my goals to achieve magnificent health, great wealth and unbridled happiness.

Our homework for this week is to write a press release in the mindset of accomplishing everything in out DMP (Definite Major Purpose) statement. This is going to be Fun!

My name is Michael Puffer and I always keep my promises.

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Grateful intuitive solution provider and founder of the TABI Oasis non-profit organization providing financial support for Survivors of and caregivers for Traumatic and acquired brain injuries.

It takes 12 volts to jumpstart a car. It takes a billionth of a volt to jumpstart your life!

  1. Hello Michael. I had to come visit you blog. Thank you so much for helping me update the blogroll with inactive members and invalid URLS etc. I am sure after this first PIF there will be less names on the BlogRoll. I appreciate your help. After the 26 weeks are over, I hope you would consider continuation, and being part of my Blog Rover Team in the future with our MARCH to 3000 campaign.
    On a side note. It is always great to read what Haanel POPS out for the different members.

    1. Yes I will continue until I have it just right. LOL! For the rest of my life! I would love to work with you on the Blog Roll.

  2. Mr. Puffer, It was my pleasure to read your blog post this week! I just love how you stated your goals “to achieve magnificent health, great wealth and unbridled happiness”.

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