October 21, 2017

A feeling of being overwhelmed surrounded me last Sunday after the weekly webinar. I felt low and so far away from completing my tasks. Maybe it was because I didn’t completely understand what was required to complete the week’s work or more likely the old blueprint of pulling back after starting something that required accountability and consistency. Many times I have started something and gathered all the information, downloaded books, listened to audios, watched videos, printed a pile of documents. I was ready for improvement but didn’t know what to do next but I had A LOT of information so at least I was productive – which in the end is useless if I’m not productive with results producing activities. That’s when the excitement and therefore my progress waned.

Not this time I said to myself. I re-read chapter 3 and 4 of the workbook and made a list of the things I needed to do. The list was shorter than I imagined. As I checked off every task and re-wrote my index cards my feeling of overwhelm began to ease. Through mid-week I felt more confident and did the exercises in a series of games to make them more interesting. I drive a lot during the day so when I see a blue rectangle (There is one for every address along the roads) I start repeating “Do It Now” over and over again until I count 10 blue rectangles. I say it out loud and with enthusiasm! When I see a yellow box I start saying “I can be what I will to be” until I see the next yellow box. I also say this with enthusiasm and emphasize different words as I go along. Sometimes it is miles between these.

I love the 4 promises and have been actively using them to nudge me in the better direction. I am smiling when I greet people and look them in the eyes. I thank them for helping me and also praise them about how they do their work, etc. I am not so anxious to end the conversations and I am listening and questioning more instead of telling my stories or the like.

My enthusiasm and confidence continues to rise as I enjoy performing and perfecting the exercises. I found this video that was a blast from the past and it exemplifies life when subby (the subconscious mind) is girded with confidence and defeats a challenge without fear or even taking the challenge serious at all. Fear must be destroyed before I can grow and free myself to be whom I will to be. Fear will not stop trying to influence our thoughts until it is a bloody stump whimpering in the forest. Enjoy!



My Name is Michael Puffer and I always keep my promises.

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Grateful intuitive solution provider and founder of the TABI Oasis non-profit organization providing financial support for Survivors of and caregivers for Traumatic and acquired brain injuries.

It takes 12 volts to jumpstart a car. It takes a billionth of a volt to jumpstart your life!

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