March 10, 2018

This week brought me another expert in the matter of developing our mind to enhance my life. Wallace Wattles is a name I have heard of but this week got to hear and read some of his amazing thoughts. Further reinforcement of the keys to success we are learning in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA). Wallace tells us we can have anything we want in our lives by thinking and believing in it with strength and clarity. This week I focused on abundance in my work and in my family. This was one of the most profitable weeks ever in my business and in my life. My wife and I just seemed to be happier and spent more quality time. We watched the movie “Kubo and the Two Strings’ twice again and found more things in the movie that we missed before. “Kubo and the Two Strings” is a great movie for all ages.

I am preparing for a long sit in silence of 48 to 36 hours to do what I call “Detoxing the women-777861__480Mind” by limiting any and all exposure to so called regular life. No phone, TV, Radio, Social Media – you get the picture. Similar to a detox of the digestive system by green-smoothie-2611410__480eliminating bad or marginal foods and concentrating on removing waste products from the body this sit in silence will eliminate all distractions and time wasting products and activities from the mind. I can’t stop thinking about what will I do during this sit. The answer will appear just as soon as I begin so there is nothing to worry about – that’s  the #1 time waster – Worry. This will be good.

the-thinker-489753__480What are your thoughts on where a good sit in silence would be? What would it take for you to carve out 48 to 36 hours for yourself and think?



My name is Michael Puffer and I always keep my promises.

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Grateful intuitive solution provider and founder of the TABI Oasis non-profit organization providing financial support for Survivors of and caregivers for Traumatic and acquired brain injuries.

It takes 12 volts to jumpstart a car. It takes a billionth of a volt to jumpstart your life!

  1. Enjoy your choice of words for your blog…my silence took place in my usual surroundings which bring me great beauty and then with a hike that was interrupted…maybe for a reason or maybe not…in two weeks I will know as going back into the area to meet someone I was told about.

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