December 1, 2018

See it, believe it is already in your possession and the Law of Growth will make it so.


Law of Growth
“Whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies.”

Think about love get more love, think about more happiness get more happiness.

What you wish for has to be somewhat believable and absolutely achievable if you focus your thoughts and do the mental work required. You can’t wish to visit Mars and be back by next Friday for a game of golf but you can set smart goals and achieve them. How about a greater income – how much and when is important – and it will come to you. Keep you mind focused and open to positive energy and what you desire will be made available to you.

See you next week.

My name is Michael Puffer and I always keep my promises.

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  1. Michael,
    I love the law of growth and yes the key is to keep our minds on what we want in life! Much love & light to you on this journey we call life!

  2. Great post Michael. Love the clarity and vison. Love your graphic. The image always reminds me of a CD of music that I love which bears the same graphic.

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