December 2, 2017

I can’t believe it is Friday already. This week flew by and BAM it’s Friday. I had a productive week in my business and kept up with basic reading exercises. What I did not do was what suggested with our readings. I didn’t schedule the times and make a list of what to read and when to read it. I was falling back in to a habit of just getting by instead of getting better. It is in my control to become better. This week I didn’t live up to the “Guy in the Glass: and there remained static in my progress.

I can think of reasons why I missed my goals this week but it does not matter. I missed them and I must not let that happen again. I just located a spreadsheet with all of the suggested readings and times to accomplish them and printed it. It even has a score card for those of us who need it to stay on track.

I did better with the continuation of giving no opinions and had two occasions where a simple visit turned into an unbelievable learning experience. Today I spent 2 hours on a service call that should have been 30 minutes at the most. Those were the most satisfying 2 hours of my week. I learned so much by just listening, asking questions and discovering how much that person and I had in common and I would never had known unless I kept quiet and let her tell her story.

Another peculiar story line this week was the number of elderly ~80+ year old clients I visited. Usually I may get 1 or 2 a month but this week I visited 4 and have two more scheduled for next Monday. These are usually very satisfying calls for me. These blessed people need my services the most as they have only begun to embrace the technology that is an ever increasing part of our lives. They don’t ask much from technology – Print, load Facebook relatively fast, check stocks and read/send email.  When something goes wrong they are often left in the cold. Their younger family members who seem to be computer wizards are not available or do not take the time to understand and listen before suggesting a jargonized fix and then are off on a frenzy a few very quick clicks and giving up. I remember being a “Noob” (Newbie) when using a computer and I do my best to listen and ask questions before trying to fix problems. Sometimes the problem is procedural and they are not sure what to do when to do it. When nothing happens and they are not sure if something is broken or is it their fault. I get a lot of personal satisfaction when I help and educate these clients. I love their stories. Below are some pictures from one of my clients. He is 84 years young. The computer problem was solved in about 10 minutes. We sat and talked for a few minutes and I noticed an interesting picture on the wall of him as a young man hauling a huge load of hay with a old International truck. He told the story and mentioned he had some old trucks in his shed. His wife gave him that look that turned out to mean the he and I would be gone for a while. What he showed me in his shed incredibly cool. This made my whole day. Seeing these vehicles and hearing the stories behind each one. Some he had driven as a younger man and bought them so he could relive the good times and to hopefully someday restore them. Also the experimental Kitfox airplane is one he flies himself and in building an airstrip next to his house. Remember he is 84.

This day started out as an ordinary day. It turned into a great day for me because I was interested in the people I was visiting instead of me trying to be interesting. These are the days I love in my work!

Enjoy the pictures and I can’t be sure of the vintage of all the vehicles so go easy on me if I’m off a few years. Here is what I think are in the pictures Enjoy! –

36 Ford (Blue), 34 Chev coupe (Black), 49 Ford coupe (seafoam), 49 Ford Truck (Green/White), 40s Studebaker truck (Red), 74 Volkswagen Beetle, 40a Lincoln Welder with flathead ford engine, 1919 republic truck (Yellow) 1920 Panel truck, Kitfox Experimental Airplane, Harley replica bicycles, Harley replica minibike

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Grateful intuitive solution provider and founder of the TABI Oasis non-profit organization providing financial support for Survivors of and caregivers for Traumatic and acquired brain injuries.

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