September 30, 2017

The image in my head is similar to the image above of an ocean or at least a very large lake. I can’t tell if the sun is rising or setting. I feel like this is my life lately. I’m still able to breathe but it is not getting any easier. Every direction I look there is nothing but water and although I am a good swimmer but I need to improve my situation to survive.

I have big dreams, responsibilities and have decided I will work on my world “within” myself to improve my world “without” meaning I will improve my inner thoughts to improve my outer circumstances.

I came across some words and places this week that I didn’t recognize. These two words from Hannel’s Part One – 16.

“Life is an unfoldment, not accretion. What comes to us in the world without is what we already possess in the world within.”

Unfoldmentto open to the view :reveal; especially :to make clear by gradual disclosure and often by recital


Accretion – the process of growth or increase, typically by the gradual accumulation of additional layers or matter. “the accretion of sediments in coastal mangroves”

I take that to mean unfoldment relates to revealing outwordly what is in my inward thoughts. Accretion is an accumulation that is covering up rather than revealing what is inward.  My thoughts must be under my control and be thoughts expressed in good habits rather in order to move in the direction away from bad habits.

I read of a place called “The Garden of Hesperides” when reading scroll one in Og Mandino’s “Greatest Salesman in the World.” In Greek Mythology The Garden of the Hesperides is Hera’s garden in the west, where there is a single tree on which golden apples grow. It is guarded by Ladon, a hundred-headed dragon. It is used to describe the pinnacle sense of joy when the fear of and actual sense of failure becomes totally banished from our thoughts and therefore our lives leading us to great accomplishments in “wealth, position and happiness.”

GoldenAppleWeek 1 in the books. Lots of work to accomplish and I’m looking forward and inward. I’m so grateful to be on this journey.

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Grateful intuitive solution provider and founder of the TABI Oasis non-profit organization providing financial support for Survivors of and caregivers for Traumatic and acquired brain injuries.

It takes 12 volts to jumpstart a car. It takes a billionth of a volt to jumpstart your life!

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