July 11, 2021

Are daily affirmations the key to personal growth?

It has been said that positive thoughts and having belief in yourself can really be a game-changer, and it’s completely true. Daily affirmations is a great self-help strategy that can promote self-confidence and make you believe that you can do anything when you set your mind on it.

Practicing daily affirmations for personal growth is extremely simple and all you need to do is come up with a phrase and repeat it to yourself everyday. These daily affirmations can be used to motivate yourself, boost your self esteem and push you towards your desired achievements.

Are daily affirmations the key to personal growth? –  the magic behind positive affirmations.

Is there any magic behind how positive affirmations work? No, there is not. But yes, there is some science involved in this process. Daily affirmations work as a method to shift your mindset and make you believe that you can achieve all your goals. It helps you in the visualization of your achievements and success. But it is definitely not a magic activity that will instantly help you achieve all your goals without any effort.

Affirmative phrases help your unconscious mind to stay focused on the goals you have set and also help bring a sense of joy, happiness, appreciation and gratitude.

Are daily affirmations the key to personal growth? and why do you need daily affirmations?

The basic idea behind positive affirmations is to keep yourself motivated as we have already established above. But there are many other points that you can consider as well. It will help you to release your stress and bring on more positivity. Starting every morning with a positive phrase with the words “I can..” will help you visualize that you can really achieve your aim.

It will encourage an optimistic mind test and we are not exaggerating when we say that optimism is a powerful thing to possess. Reducing those negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones will only help you in your personal growth. In simple words, daily affirmations can play a major role in maintaining your physical and mental well being. But how to start with it?

How to create positive daily affirmations?

  • Set your affirmations in the present.

Instead of reminding yourself that “You will” word for something, use your affirmations to strengthen your confidence by reminding yourself what you can do right now. Repeating a simple sentence like “I am going to be positive and happy today”can work wonders.

  • Always keep your affirmations positive.

Instead of reminding yourself what you don’t want, remind yourself what is vital to you and what you actually want.

See in your mind the best outcome. Be your own rose colored glasses!
  • Keep it brief.

You do not have to narrate a whole paragraph or an essay to feel good. Keep your affirmations simple and brief so that you actually want to repeat them everyday.

  • Make the affirmations about yourself.

Do not think about others when you build your own affirmations. Think about yourself and what you genuinely want to achieve.

Be consistent with your daily affirmations because you need to practice them everyday to get the most benefit from them. Start with at least three to five minutes twice a day and repeat every affirmation for up to 10 times. You can always choose to reach out to a trusted or loved one to help you out.

Even though the practice of daily affirmations might not work for everyone due to negative thoughts and much deeper issues, it can be a solid step on your journey towards your self-improvement for many people. Also, remember that affirmations are just for self-help and it always depends on how you use them for your personal growth. And of course, be patient!

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  1. An extremely well-written narrative detailing the what, how, why of one of our most powerful linguistic tools…the affirmation. Well done, Michael! 🙂

  2. Just love this, Michael… fantastic, actionable tips on how to make affirmations a strong force in personal growth and development. Thank you!

  3. After one goes about 7 levels deep, Michael, I think it becomes unavoidably clear that to maximize the value MKE has in our lives is to realize every second, every moment, every day is filled with thoughts, words, and actions that can be considered various types of + affirmations!

    Looking forward to sharing this post everywhere I can! 🙂

  4. Michael, good for you for explaining how to create positive affirmations. Thank you for your blog. From your blog rover friend John.

  5. Michael, good for you for explaining how to create positive affirmations. Thank you for your blog. From your blog rover friend John.

  6. Just saw this… Great article! Great tips for effective affirmations… And I agree, taking the MKE course can deepen understanding and kick it up a notch! … Love the glasses on the dog. I had some rose-colored sunglasses I loved- until the colors wore off. I’ll have to look for some new ones!

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